Grateful Socks is on a mission to provide the best socks, while making a grateful impact around earth. Our socks were founded on 3 primary ideas: Design, Purpose, and Inspiration. Putting on a pair of grateful socks is a way of starting your day. A simple part of the process can have a big impact. Put on your socks, and think of all the greatness you can do today. Grateful Socks are Designed to be comfortable, & creative with feel good designs. Some of our socks will feature a Purpose such as a portion of sales being donated to charity. Our Inspirational socks feature motivational quotes, you can wear and inspire all day.  Through socks we strive to spread gratefulness around the world.




We design socks to be comfortable, with feel good designs.  We use a majority blend of cotton because of the softness, breath-ability, and moisture wicking.  We use combed cotton for a more soft, strong, and quality comfort.  Our socks feature a flat toe seam to increase comfort on the toes. Our designs are created to make people feel enjoyment from their socks.  A little bit of color, and comfort can go a long way.


As a company we want to give back to the communities we work with, and our environment.  Socks are an overlooked necessity for people all over the world; we team up with local charities to donate socks to families in need.  We also donate to other charities and organizations striving to spread greatness to people or our earth.   We strive to make more people grateful.


Some of our sock designs feature inspirational quotes.  The quotes can be a daily reminder when you put on, wear all day, and take off your socks.  Our socks might feature "Make Today Great" or "Did  you forget anything" or "Rise and Shine"  A simple inspirational reminder can motivate your entire day.